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Making Face and Body Serums Advanced

Making Face and Body Serums Advanced

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Making Face and Body Serums Advanced: This class will launch in January 2024. This prerecorded class will include the formulas, how-to videos making each formula, and a video going over the importance of all the different ingredients. 

Now that you know the basics of making serums, next is to learn about active ingredients that are considered high-performance. 

What will you learn?

  • Learn about the different ingredients to create high-performing serums. 
  • Learn how, when researching ingredients, what to look for and what not to use.
  • Why PH is so important and how you can lose the effectiveness of ingredients due to pH. 

Some of the key ingredients we will cover: 

  • Active ingredients
  • Anti-aging
  • skin brightening
  • Naturally based vs safe synthetics
  • vitamins and AHA/BHAs
  • and more
This class is advanced and you do need to have knowledge of making serums. If you have not made serums or want to learn the basics. You can grab the Introduction to Making Face and Body Serums class.
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