Jan. 2023 Digital Single Issue Formula Alchemist Magazine

Jan. 2023 Digital Single Issue Formula Alchemist Magazine

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Formula Alchemist Magazine January 2023 Single Issue 

Jan. Issue offers: 

  • 6 cleaning products for your home. (you can make them for personal use or to sell in your business).
  • Ingredient spotlight on Solubilizers (helping you bring essential or fragrance oils into water based products)
  • Creating great Copy for your business by Marketing Expert Jennifer Breeze
  • Room Sprays
  • and more!

Every formulator/maker has a different journey! This magazine was created to help guide you in making fun products the proper way. It doesn't matter what level of maker you are; I made sure to cover beginner (DIY), intermediate, and more advanced formulas. I know that the word formula can be a bit intimidating, but I want you to learn that you are not creating recipes as a product maker. A recipe is with cups, teaspoons, and so forth. A formula is an exact listing of ingredients in percentages and then broken down into weights (usually grams). Once you get used to working in those terms, the sky's the limit with your product making. This magazine is here for you to learn in small bits about formulating, ingredients, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and some hints and tips on how to market and grow your business! You can follow the Facebook page, and join my Facebook Group to post your amazing creations! I would love to see your product creations.

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