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Formula Alchemist Formulation Journal (Fillable Digital PDF)

Formula Alchemist Formulation Journal (Fillable Digital PDF)

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This new and improved Fillable Formula Journal will help you create new and fun products. This amazing fillable PDF gives you a way to organize your product creations, test and alter new and existing "recipes," and turn them into formulas! 

Make sure you save a main copy, and then before you type into the pages, save categories. Examples: Lotions, Soaps, Scrubs, and so forth. Examples: Journal 1 2023, Journal 2 2023, Journal 3, etc.  That way, you do not lose any of your work and can continue to create amazing formulas in the same journal. 

This issue is a digital PDF download. You will receive an email to download and should also see the link when you purchase. Make sure you use an email to check out. You will only have 30 days to use the download link before it expires, so make sure you download your journal when you order it.  


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